Introduction to Architecture

Duration: 2h 14m
Identifying your career path can be a daunting task. This short awareness program can help you understand the fundamental practice of Architecture and help you identify if it might be the future path for you. In this program you will find learning resources, practical exercises and career guiding information to get acquainted with the practice of Architecture.


Introduction to Architecture

Introduction to the Course


Introduction To Assignments


Task 1 – Isometric Drawing

Introduction to Isometric Drawing

Basic Isometric Drawing

Letters in Isometric

Task 2 – One-Point Perspective

One Point Perspective

One-Point Perspective

Letters in Perspective

Task 3 – Surface Development

Guide to Surface Development

Cube 3D

Pyramid 3D

Cone 3D

Reflection and Resources


Interview with an Architect

Interview with a Student

Career Building Resources

About this course

Architecture has many definitions. And as you delve deeper into architecture, these definitions may evolve and develop on the basis of your own perspective. But in essence, architecture is to do with building something – physical structures, buildings, landscapes, and spaces.

Harsimran Juneja
Director and Mentor