Introduction to Graphic Design

Duration: 1h 54m
Identifying your career path can be a daunting task. This short awareness program can help you understand the fundamental practice of graphic design and help you identify if it might be the future path for you. In this program you will find learning resources, practical exercises and career guiding information to get acquainted with the practice of Graphic Design.


Introduction to Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design?


Introduction To Assignments


Task 1 Designing a Logo

Guide to Designing a Logo

Logo Ideation (I)

Logo Ideation (II)

Logo Ideation (III)

Logo Ideation (IV)

Final Logo Creation

Digitizing Your Logo (I)

Digitizing Your Logo (II)

Getting Colour codes

Inverting Colours

Task 2 Designing a Brand Kit

Guide to Designing a Brand Kit

Sippo Brand Kit

Task 3 Designing a Poster

Guide to Designing a Poster

Poster Experiments

Final Poster

Reflection and Resources


Interview with a Graphic Designer

Interview with a Graphic Design Student

Career Building Resources

About this course

Graphic Design is a way to communicate ideas visually through different kinds of imagery, typography (texts and fonts), iconography (symbols and marks) and much more.

Harsimran Juneja
Director and Mentor