Introduction to Product Design

Duration: 1h 34m
Our 'Short Awareness Programs' for Art and Design are targeted towards helping students in the secondary school learn about the many areas of study under art and design. These areas, otherwise also known as disciplines, are the major subjects often offered as undergraduate degree courses in most art and design colleges and universities across the globe. And Product Design, is one such area. Product Design is a practice that is primarily concerned with addressing needs or problems faced by living beings in everyday life. These products may be physical or even digital, regardless, it requires you to put the potential consumer of the product at the centre of the design process. In this course, we are not going to be addressing a problem, however, we are going to take you through the process of designing a product. Apart from the practical assignment in designing a product, you will learn more about the discipline through a range of resources as well as from a practitioner and a student in the form of a pre-recorded interview. Lastly, we share some career-building resources that can help you plan your future in Product Design, should you be interested.



Introduction To The Course


Introcution To The Assignments


Task 1 - Drawing and Sketching

Starting with Drawing

Drawing and Sketching: Videos

Task 2 - Ideation

Ideation Exercise Guide

Ideation Demonstration

Task 3 - Model Making

Model Making Guide

Model Making Demos

Extra lesson

Design Thinking



Interview with an Product Designer

Interview with a Student

Career Building Resources

About this course