Introduction to Textile Design

Duration: 1h 51m
Our 'Short Awareness Programs' for Art and Design are targeted towards helping students in the secondary school learn about the many areas of study under art and design. These areas, otherwise also known as disciplines, are the major subjects often offered as undergraduate degree courses in most art and design colleges and universities across the globe. And Textile Design, is one such area. The application of textile design is evident many aspects of our daily life. For example, curtains, upholstery, furnishings etc. But what opportunities exist within the practice is something that is rarely known to the common person. This course aims to raise awareness about that. With introductory resources, a few practical assignments and interviews with a professional as well as a student, this course can help you identify your interest in textile design and also help you plan your next steps in your journey.


Introduction to the course



Introduction to the Assignments

Assignments Introduction

Task 1 - Tie and Dye

Tie and Dye Guide

Tie and Dye Demonstration

Task 2 - Weaving

Guide for Weaving

Weaving Demo

Task 3 - Colours and Patterns

Colours and Patterns

Colour Weave

Weave Pattern

Reflection and resources


Interview with a Textile Designer

Interview with a Student

Career Building Resources

About this course